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Data Driven Marketing
Pillar simplifies marketing for small business.  One platform for bringing in customers, segmenting them and bringing them back.  We partner with you to develop strategies that work.  We start small, demonstrate results and then repeat.  Controllable marketing spend that pays for itself, at a pace that suits you.

Customer Retention

We believe that retaining your existing customers is the best of maximising your marketing budget.

Measurable Results

We make it easy to measure what is bringing in your customers. More data is more business.

Know Your Customer

Our system builds your customer base over time without the cost and complexity of CRM systems.


We do the heavy lifting so you don't need to get bogged down in selecting technologies.

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How does Pillar get big results?

Pillar are experts in Conversational Marketing with a data driven focus that is not normally available to small businesses.  Pillar combine a holistic marketing strategy with effective use of Chat Bots in Messenger.  Not sure what that is?  That’s ok – we start small and grow with you.  The results speak for themselves, delivering ROI for your marketing spend.

Still using email with 3% click through rates?



Open Rates


Click Through Rates

Simplify Your Efforts
Trying to be everywhere at once?  The Pillar platform knows your customers and segments them over time.  Focus on delivering meaningful value appropriate to each of your customer segments individually.

We take you beyond email.

Still paying for email shoots where you can’t measure return on your investment?  Our platform uses Chat Bots with Facebook Advertising to outperform email every time.


  • Ads that target your customers

  • Chat Bots that provide value added content

  • A full picture of your customer base

  • Customers that keep coming back

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Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing is having a two-way one-on-one style conversation with your audience in a way that is relevant to each person. 

Chat bots make this possible by allowing you to segment and qualify leads, and allowing you to have a content specific to each segment.

You can continue the conversation with existing customers to upsell and maintain the relationship.

Customers need to feel understood and want to engage with businesses when it’s convenient for them. 

Go to where your customers are.



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