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What is a Messenger bot?

A messenger bot is simply software that lets you communicate with your customers inside messaging apps.
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Why Facebook Messenger?

Facebook messenger has an average opening rate of 84.3% and 4 - 10 times higher click through rates compared to email. Your audience is already on messenger and your business should be to.

Million Active Messenger Users
Messenger Chatbots
Percent of people who contact a retailer before buying
Percent of facebook users that use Messenger

People prefer to use Messenger to interact with companies. I mean, who likes to call companies, right? More and more companies are now providing service and support on Messenger and the results have been stunning.

David Marcus ─ Vice President of Messaging Products @ Facebook

Conversations between users and companies inside Messenger have a 30% better return on investment than retargeting ads on the web

David Marcus ─ Vice president of messaging products @ facebook

How does it compare against email?

Increase Sales

Messenger is an untouched marketing platform making now, the ideal time to send tailored offers and product recommendations to your customers.

Personal Drip Campaigns

Deliver messages, content and bring value to your customers with personalised drip campaigns.

Next Level Support

With messenger and chatbots, your users now have 24/7 support and can subscribe to your lead magnet all via the live chat widget.

Can we teach you how?

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